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Ribbon Printing in Singapore
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Ribbon Printing

Zipper Supplier in Singapore, Ribbon Printing and Sewing Accessories

Are you looking for a reliable ribbon or zipper supplier in Singapore? Look no further! Sin Hin Chuan Kee (known as SHCK) has been in the ribbon printing/sewing accessories industry for decades. We have a wide array of ribbons and zippers to meet your strict requirements. Our prices are very economical, and we’re proud to share that our customers come from all lines of life. We have clients from Bridal Salons, Florists & etc.

SHCK is one of the most reliable and experienced zipper suppliers in Singapore. We have been in the zipper trading business for decades, and our experience in the zipper line is second to none. For our customers, we also offer a variety of zippers such as Metal Zippers, Nylon Zippers, Coil Zippers and Concealed Zippers. To see all our zippers, we invite you to our office to view them at your pleasure.

In terms of ribbon printing in Singapore, SHCK has helped many organizations/governments with their ribbon printing projects. We have undertaken big and small projects, simple and complex projects, and projects with very tight deadlines. We are one of the most economical yet experienced ribbon printing companies. We understand your anxiety and concern about the ribbon printing, and we’ll do our best to accommodate.

SHCK also offers sewing accessories to our clients in Singapore and worldwide. There are a great variety of accessories available. If possible, we’d like to invite all interested parties to head down to our showroom office to get a closer look at the sewing accessories. We sell to retail and wholesale, and we look forward to receiving your sewing accessories.

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We serve an extensive clientele, from garment manufacturers to bridal studios, curtain shops, florists, gift shops, fashion designers and interior decorators.

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