Sin Hin Chuan Kee

Zipper Supplier Singapore

Sourcing for a zipper supplier in Singapore? Zipper supplier is quite common in Singapore and it is definitely not a difficult task to find it. When looking for zipper supplier in Singapore, don’t forget to choose Sin Hin Chuan Kee (SHCK). With the history of 49 years, we have grown from a humble family-owned trading company to a veritable forerunner in garment and fashion supplies. SHCK is also one of the market leading wholesale and retail distributors of the most trusted brands in garment accessories.

Best Quality Zippers

Over at SHCK, we hold it all together with a treasure trove of zippers. Even the world’s largest zipper manufacturer – YKK is a partner of SHCK. YKK is actually a Japanese group of manufacturing companies and they are the most famous for making zippers. It is really our pleasure to be able to work with YKK zippers. SHCK have been working with YKK zippers for over 25 years and with that, SHCK strive to continue to serve all our clients in all their accessory needs. Beside YKK zippers, SHCK also have other extensive clientele and all of them have been working with us for a long time. At SHCK, there are many different kinds of zippers such as coil zippers, concealed zippers, metal zippers and color chart. All the products that we provide are of good quality that would never disappoint our clients. All these wide collection of zippers are for all kind of uses that ranges from marine needs to outdoor needs.

Find SHCK if you are looking for special zipper Singapore because we can provide you with the top notch products in a very competitive price that you can can’t find at other companies. We look forward in providing our clients with the best of what we can do as a zipper supplier in Singapore.